Victorinox Boning Knife


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Whether youre a butcher, a chef or an everyday kind of cook, the Fibrox professional line of Victorinox knives delivers the precision and efficiency of the restaurant kitchen to your home. Combined with a sharp, narrow, curved blade that measures either 12.5cm or 15cm in length, the non-slip handle of the Fibrox Boning Knife has been ergonomically designed so that cutting without resistance and separating meat from the bone becomes a simple, swift task. Dishwasher safe.


Height 22 mm
Net weight 99 g


Blade Properties curved 
Length of blade 15 cm and 12.5cm
Handle material thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) 
Type of edge normal straight edge 
Dishwasher safe Yes 
Victorinox Boning Knife