About Us - H&O

In 1992, our parent company Fish City Hamilton was launched. 

Fish City Hamilton started with three dedicated staff, Kevin Taylor, Jon Hewson and Ross Christensen (owner/operator and jack of all trades) and soon became the top spot for local fishermen. As Fish City’s reputation for unsurpassed service, passion and professionalism grew so too did the business expand.

Down the track Fish City Hamilton, with the passion and experience added by Gordon George, moved into hunting and shooting. Bringing the same passion and level of experience and expertise to our land based hunters.

We've now decided it is time to separate the two brands, in order to be able to give each the dedication and attention it deserves. This includes in-store but especially on our online platforms. 

Enter, Hunting & Outdoors NZ.

Hunting & Outdoors officially launched in 2020 but has more than 30 years of knowledge and experience to back it up, and promises to provide the same excellent service that you know and love from Fish City Hamilton.