Staff tips for the 2021 Roar!

The boys at Fish City are dead keen on getting out in the bush during the Roar! Being one of the most exciting times of the year for most Deer stalkers, it is important to ensure you have the right gear and technique when chasing those elusive stags! Gordy, Jayden and Quentin - Fish City's most keen hunters, will share some tips on roaring stags and the gear they like to use. 

Gordo often chases Sika as well as Reds. His top tip is maximizing the usability of the AJ callers when in country that holds both species of deer. By having two soundcards, one for Sika and the other for Red Deer. This lets you capitalize on any opportunity you get given in the hills. AJ Deluxe callers and soundcards can be found on H&O website and in store at Fish City Hamilton. They are a staff favourite so there are always good stocks!

Gordo's next bit of advice is to do with footwear. Back to back days in the bush are best spent in boots that fit and are comfortable. He is of the opinion that boots are an investment, what you spend is relative to comfort and longevity of use. Secondly quality boots that fit properly shouldn't take long to break in. However a few walks and getting them wet before your trip is also highly recommended. Gordo's favourite, for the best balance between price point and quality, are the Irish Setter Trailblazers. A "superb" all round North Island hunting boot. If you require something geared towards more alpine hunting, Hanwag boots are worth a look! 

Gordo with a sneaky Sika while roaring Red Stags:

Jayden is a big fan of the Hind Call. 'Number 4' on the AJ Productions Deluxe callers. Often stags will go quiet when you close the gap. However, he has found when getting in close, a big angry stag cannot seem to say no to the idea there are other ladies about!

Secondly, sleeping! Walking all day requires a comfortable sleep to ensure you're ready to go again the next morning. With the inflatable mattress' and sleeping bags available today - make this more than achievable. He personally is a fan of the Therm-A-Rest & Domex Halo sleeping bags, paired with a Therm-A-Rest Neo Air mattress. Which can all be found on the Hunting & Outdoors website.  

No 4 Hind Call victim:

Quentin's top roar tip encapsulates safety. If you are new to hunting in the roar, hunting with someone experienced is imperative. This will teach you things like wearing bright blaze colours, gun safety, and roaring techniques - especially with other hunters in the area or on public land. This prevents misidentification of targets, and potentially roaring in other hunters. All which can be prevented by proper education. The best blaze colours are Hi-Viz Blue, Yellow and Orange. But keeping your blaze clean is another top tip, if possible. Blaze orange can quickly look like the red of a deer if covered in dirt, blood or mud. 

Also making sure your rifle is zeroed' for the close nature of hunting angry stags in the roar. QP ensures this by purchasing a packet of his preferred ammo before his trip and having a few shots at 20, 50, and 75 metres. This is good peace of mind, and also much fairer on the animal - preventing wounded stags and guaranteeing a clean kill as often as possible. As these shots are rarely over 50m, it is important to know your rifle. Furthermore, a good soft point bullet, designed for close range shooting is optimal for this kind of hunting. As opposed to bullets which are designed to mushroom at longer ranges. The staff pick here at Hunting & Outdoors, in Fish City Hamilton, is the Federal Fusion load!

These boys are very passionate about hunting, and would love to offer you advice on locations, tips and gear to use when in the hills this roar. Ensuring you have the safest, and most enjoyable time on your adventures!