Benelli Lupo Review - "It just fits"

The boys at H&O were lucky enough to be sent a demo Lupo in .308 by the team at Beretta New Zealand. It was suppressed with a Hardys and topped with a Burris Signature 3-15 Illuminated scope. 

First impressions were a touch on the heavy side, bearing in mind it had a full length barrel, rather large scope, rail and rings, bipod, sling, and suppressor. Definitely not the ideal combo to lug around the bush. However on the range it shot bullets on top of each other, and just felt so good to shoot. It looks and feels a lot like Benelli's shotguns, which are very ergonomic. 

The BE.S.T coating is another amazing feature. This stands for Benelli Surface Treatment, the team at Benelli understand, "harsh environments wreak havoc on gun metal." Benelli spent more than a decade developing BE.S.T. (Benelli Surface Treatment), a proprietary coating that protects steel with a tough, impenetrable armor that stops rust and corrosion. Applied using nanotechnology and diamondlike carbon particles, BE.S.T. outperforms every other available coating and surface treatment in the firearms market today. Parts treated with BE.S.T have been tested by immersing them in saltwater for months with no signs of rust or corrosion. This is backed by an impressive 25 YEAR warranty. 

These rifles are also fully customisable with aftermarket shims to make the rifle fit you, not the other way around. This is imperative in achieving the best you can on the range and in the hills. It, of course, sports a sub MOA guarantee, and a stylish double stack detachable magazine. 

This rifle has 7 new, Benelli Exclusive, patents attached to its design. Which really shows the R&D and time spent designing the rifle. It has the progressive comfort recoil system Benelli is known for, and weighs 7.1lbs. So you can be sure it will be a joy to shoot. 

In our time with the rifle, we shot targets at different ranges (out to 400m), and all the factory ammo we put through it went well. It is not a fussy rifle, but the clear winner was Sako Gamehead 150 grain. One of the boys even managed to knock over a nice eating bit of wild pork. 

Overall a rifle that handles beautifully and shoots consistently and accurately. Tried, tested and endorsed by the team here at Hunting and Outdoors.