X-Pro Passive Hearing Protection Plugs


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Earplugs are essential for hearing protection. Typical earplugs protect your hearing yes but they can be a hassle. Sometimes you need to hear and they block too much so you have to take them out. They're small and easily lost. They get deformed easily they are hardly ever comfortable and they seem to fall out more than they stay in your ear.

After the X-Pro is comfortably settled in your ear you can activate the hearing protection with the push of a button. The closed valve will now protect your hearing by giving you 30dB of noise reduction with the foam tips (24 dB noise reduction with silicon tips).

When you need to hear again instead of completely removing the earplugs simply press the button again to open the acoustic valve allowing sound to pass through naturally.

Perfect for Hunting Auto Racing Military Law Enforcement Sporting Events Target Shooting Concerts Industrial Sleeping/Snoring

X-Pro Passive Hearing Protection Plugs