Winchester .22Lr 40Gr Subsonic 50 Rnds


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Subsonic ammunition has provided exceptional quality and outstanding performance for all types of hunters and shooters who rely on its time-proven dependability backed by legendary excellence. 40gr power point projectile to ensure maximum mushroom and high energy.


? Hollow Point Technology - Max Point technology made for maximum impact and energy transfer.
? Subsonic Velocity: Designed for low noise at 1065 FPS, perfect for use with a silencer.
? Highly Accurate: Great for small game and pest control.


? Make: Winchester
? Calibre: 22 Long Rifle
? Bullet Weight: 40 grain
? Bullet Type: Truncated cone, Hollow Point
? Velocity: 1065 FPS
? Uses: Pest Control and Small Game

Winchester .22Lr 40Gr Subsonic 50 Rnds