Tikka T3X Superlite S/S 308 Win Rifle


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Tikka T3X Stainless SuperLite 308Win

When compromise is simply not an option. The T3x Superlite offers exceptionally high performance which comes in a very lightweight package. The Lite models are equipped with the T3x synthetic stock, and all new modular features that allow for maximum adaptibility. These models come with the classic low-angled grip. The T3x Superlite has a stainless, fluted barrel and an all-black stock.

T3x has a new modular synthetic stock that has interchangeable pistol grips, making it possible to modify the angle of the grip. This allows for multiple shooting positions. Additional grips are sold separately. The T3x synthetic stock also has an additional attachment point which allows you to change the width of the stock’s fore-end
A grip that never slips. The T3x synthetic stock has a new asymmetrical grip pattern and shape that has been specifically designed to give a solid grip in all conditions

T3x models come with a new recoil pad technology that reduces the impact of recoil on the shooter. The new robust pad allows you to fully concentrate on the accuracy of your shots.
• Manufacturer: Tikka
• Model: T3x Superlite
• Calibres: .223, 25-06, .243, .260, .270, 7mm Mag, 7mm08, 300 WSM, 300 Win, .308, 6.5x55 & 6.5 Creedmoor
• Action: Bolt 
• Barrel Length: 22.4", 24.3" (300 WSM, 300 Win, 7mm Mag)
• Overall Length: 42.6", 44.6" (300 WSM, 300 Win, 7mm Mag)
• Capacity: 3+1, 4+1 (223)
• Twist Rate: 1:8" (223, 260, 6.5 CRD, 6.5x55), 1:9.5" (7mm, 7mm08), 1:10" (243, 25-06, 270), 1:10" (300 Win, 300 WSM, 308), 1:12" (223), 1:14" (22-250)
• Stock: Synthetic
• Finish: Stainless 
Tikka T3X Superlite S/S 308 Win Rifle