Tikka 3 Rnd Clip Mag T3X/T3 Med 7-08/308


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This is a Tikka T3/T3x FLUSH FIT 3-round magazine for rifles chambered in short actions and medium. For example perfect for housing 308, 7mm08, 243, 223, 6.5 CR.

These lightweight, fiberglass-reinforced, single-stack polymer magazines will help you keep 3 more rounds at the ready. Whether you're out at the range or on the hunt, spare magazines make the perfect accessory for your Tikka rifle.

Tikka's T3 is the world standard for high performance, highly affordable bolt action rifles, performing well above its price point as a competition-ready, long-range ready rifle right out of the box.

Grab a spare magazine for your Tikka T3/T3x rifle today! Just remember to double-check you're your rifle and caliber before ordering, to ensure you've got the right magazine for your firearm.

Brand: Tikka
Capacity: 3-Round
Material: Polymer

Tikka 3 Rnd Clip Mag T3X/T3 Med 7-08/308