Stanley Classic 1.4L/1.5QT Mossy Oak Camo


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The Legendary Stanley Classic 1.4 Litre Bottle

Totally Re-engineered:

  • Stanley "Winged Bear" icon
  • Higher performance
  • More compact (but with the same internal volume)
  • Gift boxed
  • Limited Edition Mossy Oak DNA

Stanley Vacuum Flasks have survived:
? -55C (-70F) Wind Chill
? 1,300 Metre (4,000 foot) Drops
? Speeding Bullets
? Category 5 Hurricanes

Keep the adventure going all day, all night, and beyond even the next morning - keeping it at an ideal temperature for up to 40 hours. They call it a quart because it's a quarter gallon, and this holds one and a half of those. The question is what to do with all that space. Hot mulled cider? Sure. Classic, steaming cup of joe? Of course. Dandelion and sunflower milk latte with shaved chicory root? Look, it's your bottle. We're not judging.

40 hours hot
35 hours cold
6 days iced

Weight: 908 grams

Stanley Classic 1.4L/1.5QT Mossy Oak Camo