Outdoor Outfitters Eco Game Quarter Bags 4 Pack


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Keep your meat clean and protect with the Mutton Cloth Quarter Bags from Outdoor Outfitters. Made from lightweight breathable material these bags are ideal for deer pigs or goats.

Features -

Lightweight breathable material
Helps keep meat clean & protected from insects
Recommended for deer pigs and goats
Contains 4 mutton cloth quarter bags
Dimensions: 30 cm x 122 cm

Tips For Game Care -

Big game needs to cool quickly after dressing to avoid spoiling. Hang the animal up promptly or if this is not possible prop it up with a log rocks etc.
Cut the game into quarters. Cut between the third and fourth ribs and through the backbone to complete catering. Pelvic and breast bones of big game are tough and will require a good saw or axe to get through
Bag each quarter separately and hang to protect the meat from any contaminants The bag will allow air circulation to help cooling.

Outdoor Outfitters Eco Game Quarter Bags 4 Pack