Outdoor Outfitters 12 Duck Ultimate Mallard Pack


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Entice more ducks to your pond this duck shooting season with this awesome family package of decoys from Gun City. You have your shotgun; ammo and field clothing now make your campaign against the ducks complete with this variety of Mallard Decoys.

A full size decoy, compare to the 13.5" decoys others are selling at higher prices. Genuine Mallard body shape with natural looking neck and head  


- Brand New
- Duck Decoy
- Realistic paintjobs
- Hand painted for realism
- Matte finish

This Ultimate Mallard Pack includes:

4x 16" Drakes
4x 16" Hens
1x 16" Sleeper Hen
1x 16" Sleeper Drake
1x Feeder Hen
1x Feeder Drake

Outdoor Outfitters 12 Duck Ultimate Mallard Pack