Nikwax Tech Wash & Tx Direct Spray On 300Ml Combo


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The combination of Tech Wash and TX.Direct Spray-On is an environmentally friendly and effective set for cleaning and impregnating technical garments.

Tech Wash -

Tech Wash is the safest way to thoroughly clean your waterproof clothing and at the same time refresh impregnation and breathability. It provides powerful cleaning without damaging the water-repellent properties. It is an optimal preparation for subsequent impregnation with Nikwax for best results. It is suitable for all types of waterproof clothing. Water-absorbing dirt and washing-agent residues are removed by Tech Wash. It is easy to apply in the washing machine even at 30 degrees.

TX.Direct Spray-On -

TX.Direct Spray-On is a powerful impregnating agent which offers easy safe and fast application. It impregnates permanently while maintaining the fabric's breathability. Even impregnation lost due to wear and tear is restored by TX.Direct Spray-On. It also ensures a warm and dry wearing comfort. Its form as pump spray guarantees quick and easy application. Activation in the dryer is not necessary. The spray is free of fluorocarbons (PFC) propellants and solvents.

Nikwax Tech Wash & Tx Direct Spray On 300Ml Combo