Night-Tech XD-Mini II Thermal Monocular


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The XD-Mini-II is small on size but packs a big punch. It features XST Technology for superior image quality, a rugged and reliable design, long battery life and simple to use features, all for a value for money price. This great new thermal monocular has been developed for a variety of applications including the outdoors, hunting, marine, and security sectors.

XD Mini-II Improvements over XD-Mini

  • Higher resolution 256?192 sensor
  • 12?m pixel size
  • Greater base magnifications
  • Increase in detection distances by 40%
  • Double the battery life
  • Now with 3-year Warranty

XST Technology

XST Technology combines superior VOX sensor technology with advanced image processing algorithms, which means you can detect objects at greater distances and identify them with better accuracy. Enjoy class-leading performance with images that are up to 3 times sharper and more sensitive than previous generation thermal models.


  • XST Technology providing exceptional image quality and clarity
  • Great performance at a value for money price
  • Small and compact pocket-sized design
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Rugged, reliable and built to last
  • Long battery life of 15-20hrs+ out of a single charge
  • Quick start-up time
  • Multiple thermal colour pallets including black, white, red hot and colour mode


Model XD-Mini-II
Sensor and processor XST Technology
Pixel Size 12?m
NETD ?35mk
Frame Rate 25Hz
Objective Lens 13mm
Detector Resolution 256x192
Field of View 13.5? x 10.1?
Display Resolution 720 x 540
E-zoom / Magnification 1.25-2.5x (2x)
Battery Internal USB rechargeable
Max. Battery Life 20h (using standby)
External power supply Via USB cable (included)
Dimension, mm 160?62?62
Weight <320g
Detection Range (person) 675m
Detection Range (deer) 950m
Video recording not-included
Conformance CE / RoHS


3 Years





Night-Tech XD-Mini II Thermal Monocular
Night-Tech XD-Mini II Thermal Monocular
Night-Tech XD-Mini II Thermal Monocular