Lmf Firesteel Scout 2.0


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The Firesteel 2.0 Scout is a magnesium striker that makes it easy to build a fire in any weather and at any altitude. Long lasting for 3000 strikes (approx) includes a color matched flexible cord and a built-in emergency whistle. Ideal for camping travel bbq's and gas stoves.

Features -

Lights campfires gas-stoves gas-barbecues.
Works equally well when wet.
Durable; approximately 3 000 strikes per lighter.
Produces a 2 980°C (5 400°F) degree spark.
Predictable performance at all altitudes.
Lightweight & ultra portable - weighs just 27g.
Bright spark - can be used as emergency signal.
Striker handle includes an emergency whistle.
No dangerous goods shipping restrictions.
Magnesium alloy with a stainless steel striker.
Please exercise caution & keep out of reach of children.

Dimensions -

77mm x 24mm x 14mm.

Designed and made in Sweden.