Kwc Glock-17 Bb Hop Up


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Licenced Glock 17 replica Made by KWC in Taiwan

Full ABS Transparent & Black Airsoft GLOCK 17 Replica Pistol, functional safety.

6mm 0.2g Plastic BB's with Hop Up Technology 255fps with 0.2g plastic BB

Accurate and reliable.

Glock 1:1 Scale Replica
Transparent / Black (Clear ABS)
System: Spring power with Hop Up Technology
Mechanical 6mm Air Soft
BB: 0.2g 6mm White Plastic
Functional Safety
Mag Capacity: 12 rounds
Drop free magazine
Fixed front and rear sights
Energy 0.6 Joule Max
255fps (78mps)
Recoil Non Blowback
Full ABS Construction
Length: 187mm
Weight: 360g
Made in Taiwan
Officially Licensed & Trademarked

Hop-up is the back-spin put on airsoft pellets and BBs to increase their range and accuracy. Hop-up devices apply backspin to the projectile reducing the air pressure on its top side.  This causes the plastic pellet to fall less over a given distance than it would without the spin applied, extending the effective range of the weapon without increasing velocity.

Kwc Glock-17 Bb Hop Up