Jayden McNeil


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Jayden has been with us three years now, and is at home in the bush and the ocean. With a big love for diving, surfing, fishing and deer stalking. He can help you with most things in the shop. Especially in the gun room, setting up optics on rifles, and providing advice on ammunition.

Expertise on wakeboards and watersports is something else he can help you with, and is a lover of game fishing and topwater lure fishing. Jayden can comprehensively assist you with advice on fishing rods and reels for this, the terminal tackle, and knots and rigging required.

Jayden is a big fan of the Talica range from Shimano for live baiting, jigging, and game fishing. Daiwa Lexa bait casters for softbaiting and slow jigging. Lastly, Tikka and Sako firearms when in the hills hunting. 

More recently, he has moved into the E-Commerce side of the business and marketing. But should he be needed on the frontlines in the shop he is more than happy to help you out!

Five Favourite Products:

  1. Svord Boning Knives
  2. Tikka T3x lite 6.5 Creedmoor 
  3. PARD SA45 Thermal Imager 
  4. Leupold VX5 3-15x44 
  5. Daiwa Lexa Baitcaster 

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