IRLB850-IRLB 850NM Laser illuminator


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Designed in the UK from the ground up to be the best IR Laser Illuminator there is.

It uses a 850nm Laser and as it is equipped with a diffuser it provides a nice smooth light that greatly enhances the image and range of the 008 and 007 scopes.

The lens is adjustable between Flood and Spot to give you flexibility

Powered by a Single Standard 18650 Battery (Not Included)

It can be mounted via 1 inch or 30mm ring – we have a magnetic mount being designed at the moment so you can just quickly place it under the barrel which is the nicest place for it

Length – 190mm

Lens – 50mm

Clearance when using our mount – approx 30mm (from barrel to lens)

Why would you want this Illuminator over the in built torches in the PARD’s?

Better Images – Any night vision device works better with more light; this laser provides a LOT of light so at any distance the image looks nice as their is more light

It’s also a laser so it performs better at the distance rather than a torch that is losing light the further it goes

More Range – As the illuminator is more powerful it goes a lot further; the standard PARD torches go around 200-300m as you can see in our videos and we have seen over 700m with this illuminator

IRLB850-IRLB 850NM Laser illuminator
IRLB850-IRLB 850NM Laser illuminator