Hunters Element Dobson Stubbies- Black/Forest Green


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Bomb-proof stubbies made simple, grunty and comfortable. The Dobson?s are a traditional shaped, elastic waist stubbie, with big zippered pockets to keep your junk from getting lost somewhere up that ridgeline out the back.

Stubbies, keep it simple!

  • Desolve? Veil? and Forest Green - Brushed tricot polyester knit fabric
  • Black and Navy/Tan - 97% cotton, 3% spandex blend
  • Quiet, durable, fast-drying
  • Big zippered pockets
  • Elastic waistband & drawstring

*Disclaimer - Ignore the inch measurement on the physical product label. The sizing & measurements you see online will be the size of the product you receive.

Hunters Element Dobson Stubbies- Black/Forest Green