Hoppes Gun Oil Field Wipes - 50 Wipes


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Hoppe's No.9 Lubricating Gun Oil Field Wipes 50 Count. These thick cloth towelettes measure 3" x 5" and come in a 50 count finger grip container. Hoppe's No.9 lubricating gun oil field wipes provide a fast effective way to clean and maintain small arms and rifles for use in all weather conditions. Cloth wipes are soft absorbent and pre-saturated with Weatherguard Lubricating Oil to fight moisture displace water and prevent rust. A light protective film of oil remains.

Drives Out Moisture Lubricates and Prevents Rust
Thick Cloth Construction
Packaged in a Convenient Finger Grip Container
50 - 3" x 5" Towelettes
Hoppes Gun Oil Field Wipes - 50 Wipes