Wilderness Boot Dryer


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This boot dryer from Grisport will dry all your wet and sweaty boots, gloves, gumboots and sport shoes. The dryer works by using a small fan and a small amount of heat which circulates the warm air up the tubes and into the boots or gloves. The heat that this dryer puts out is only just warm, so it will not shrink leather or ruin any other items you choose to dry on it. Its great for leather boots like Crispi and Grisport! The fan in this unit is silent, so you can have your boots drying indoors without any disturbance. Best when used to dry items overnight as the dryer takes 5-7 hours to dry a really wet pair of boots. Just make sure your footwear is not dripping, its best to hang or sit them upside down for an hour or so if they are really soaked inside. 

This Grisport boot dryer is really popular with farmers and outdoorsmen to hang their boots on after a days work and when they wake up on those cold mornings, the boots or gloves are toasty and dry.

Excellent for drying your good pair of hiking boots so that the leather doesn't shrink and the glues in the shoe stay adhesive!

Wilderness Boot Dryer