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Gamo's CFR Whisper IGT first fixed-barrel airgun to incorporate the brand's latest advances in technology from the brand. It has the IGT (Inert Gas Technology) system, a new pneumatic loading system which replaces the traditional spring with a percussion cap, resulting in a constant loading effort, less vibration and a shorter lock time™. 
It also incorporates the SWA (Shock Wave Absorber), a new nock exclusive to Gamo, which thanks to its 3 removable parts can dampen the recoil by 74% compared with a standard nock. Its trigger includes the SAT (Smooth Action Trigger) technology which is exclusive to Gamo and provides the finishing touch with a clean, relaxed feeling that allows control of the shot for a better accuracy. 
The Whisper system is an integrated sound-moderator on the muzzle of the barrel that provides up to 52% noise reduction compared with a standard airgun. The Adjustable Cheekpiece,  thanks to its easy handling, provides a more comfortable position which is fully adapted to our shooting position. 
Finally, the Truglo system, which is an original optical-fibre sight.
Recoil Reducing Rail: Developed to subdue the taxing stresses placed on your scope from the intense recoil of air guns and high-powered rifles.
The RRR uses two-piece aluminum construction separated by dual polymer struts to absorb shockwaves. Once mounted to the Recoil Reducing Rail, the recoil stresses to internal components of the scope are reduced by almost 100%.
  • Power 20 J
    Length 118 cm (46,46 in)
    Weight 3,1 kg (6,82 lb)
    Velocity cal. 4,5 mm (.177) 345 m/s (1.132 fps)
    Velocity cal. 5,5 mm (.22) 254 m/s (833 fps)