Gamo Blk Maxam Whisper Igt .177 Air Rifle


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The new Black Maxxim IGT Mach 1 from GAMO packs more punch than ever and features several innervations; everything you'd expect from the market leader in air rifle! Just look at the features packed into it outstanding air rifle:

Maximum Efficiency When Shooting
IGT Mach 1 is the latest update to the GAMO propulsion system, allowing sportsmen to enjoy the benefits of a state of the art platform. An update to the IGT (Inert Gas Technology), this new system consists of a new 33mm pneumatic cylinder which replaces the spring.

This has been designed to provide the following benefits:
More Precision: High Accuracy due to the IGT Mach 1 and the recoil pad with up to 74% recoil absorbing pressure.
Steady and Consistent Power: The pneumatic cylinder is always propelling the same power to the pellet.
Less Vibration: With the use of the pneumatic cylinder vibration is reduced in relation to the Spring technology.
Constant and Smooth Cocking Effort: The cocking effort is more constant and smooth as there is no spring friction.
More velocity And Terminal Penetration: Up to 1420 fps in .177 and PBA Platinum.

Increased Recoil Absorption After Shooting
The new recoil pad from GAMO has been developed for a more pleasurable shooting experience! The new recoil pad has been rigorously tested in the GAMO laboratories in order to improve the rate of absorption (kilograms) and the recoil distance (millimetres). The result has been that SWA (Shock Wave Absorber) provides up to 74% more absorption than standard recoil pads. This is thanks to the new design and the three removable inserts that have been incorporated in the butt pad, now the shooter can adjust the recoil according to their own specific preference.

New Rail with Damper System
The new RRR (Recoil Reducing Rail) is a new technology developed by Gamo designed to reduce the impact that recoil wields from high powered rifles and airguns, protecting the scope from damaging.

Some of the benefits include:
Almost 100% recoil compensation on the scope.
100% repetitiveness accuracy.
Specifically designed for high powered air rifles.
Engineered to support the strong recoil of the scope.
Increases the lifespan of your scope.
Integrated recoil stop block with two rubber shock absorbers for increased recoil absorption.
A stop pin in the stop block for additional sturdiness Maximize your scope lifespan.

Could Anything Be Quieter Than A Whisper?
The new Whisper Maxxim features two noise dampening chambers, providing quieter performance as well as a best in class muzzle break design. This latest patented sound suppressor by Gamo also helps to reduce recoil and is fully integrated over the rifled steel barrel resulting in a very light fluted polymer Bull Barrel. The Whisper Maxxim technology is more compact than the original Whisper silencer, making it lighter, more balanced and most importantly “ It™s quieter!

New Independently Adjustable Two-stage Trigger
The total travel length of the current standard trigger is always the same, when screwing / unscrewing the screw, the trigger moves making the first stage longer / shorter and the second shorter / longer. The new CAT (Custom Action Trigger) technology allows the shooter to adjust the first and the second stage of the trigger independently, modifying the total travel length of it.

Calibre: .177 / 4.5mm.
Length: 117cm.
Weight: 3.1kg.
TruGlo sights.
 Velocity: 420 m/s (1266fps).

Gamo Blk Maxam Whisper Igt .177 Air Rifle
Gamo Blk Maxam Whisper Igt .177 Air Rifle