Gamo .22 CFX Scoped Air Rifle Package


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Gamo?s CFX is a high-powered precision airgun with a fixed barrel. The fixed-barrel system provides greater accuracy and allows its user to shoot with great accuracy at targets over 40 meters away. The airgun comes with a synthetic, hunting-style butt, but it is commonly used for target-practice. It incorporates the SWA Shock Wave Absorber, a new nock exclusive to Gamo, which thanks to its 3 removable parts can dampen the recoil by 74% compared with a standard nock, and a revolutionary fibre optic gun sight which produces the brightest fibre optics providing a bright and dependable sight picture in any light.


  • - 3.0kg
  •   Available in Cal 4.5 & 5.5
  • -20 J
  • -254 meters per second
  • - Single cocking system
  • - Gamo Standard rifled steel barrel
  • - Spring piston system
  • - Gamo standard trigger
  • - Automotive grade glass filled nylon all-weather stock
  •   -Non-slip texture on grip and forearm.
  • - SWA Shock wave absorber
  • - Manual safety and automatic cocking safety system.
  • - GAMO 3-9x40WR SCOPE

    This model is engineered and built for maximum accuracy and reliability.

    Model designed for maximum accuracy and reliability in the real world. Mounts integrated in the scope

  • - Gamo standard rail
  • - Performance lead pellets & PBA Pellets
Gamo .22 CFX Scoped Air Rifle Package