Fenice Leather Boot Conditioner & Waterproofing cream


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Fenice, from Italy, is an industry leader in leather care & conditioning products. Made from a cream base, containing a unique blend of oils, waxes & greases means that Fenice has very high waterproofing & leather conditioning properties. Fenice was put through a series of performance trials and were conducted on Andrew, Crispi & Grisport leather boots. The conclusion was that Fenice cream & spray products were:

? Well designed formulas with excellent waterproofing & conditioning results

? Designed for quick application and ease of use

? Water-based with low impact on the environment & a nice scent

Based on these findings the New Zealand Importers of Crispi, Andrew & Grisport Footwear have selected a Fenice product line-up for New Zealand, in various sizes of creams & a spray bottle. The cream is available in 200gram and 80gram pots.

Note: A small sample of this Fenice cream will be included in our Footwear bonus packs, available with selected Grisport, Andrew & Crispi leather boots. 

Application Instructions: (cream)

1.  Make sure boots are clean and dry BEFORE treating the leather 

2.  Remove the sponge located under the lid of the pot and dab the sponge lightly in the cream.

3.  Applying in sections to ensure uniform coverage, apply the cream over all exposed leather surfaces of the boot. Wipe off any excess and allow leather to soak up.

4. Check that there was no cream that got accidentally applied by hands to the bottom / sole of the boot, this will not harm the sole but will make the sole slippery in wet conditions.

5. Boots that are dry or have not been treated in some time may need another coat in order to condition the full depth of the leather

Fenice Leather Boot Conditioner & Waterproofing cream