Clean E Z Rifle Cleaning System 6Mm/.243 Cal


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Clean EZ - Pull Thru Bore Brush

- Quick and easy to use
- Bronze cleaning brush
- Reusable
- Ideal for cleaning in the field

Instructions for use
1. Ensure firearm safety is ON and that gun is unloaded
2. Check Clean EZ is correct size for your firearms calibre
3. Feed brass weight from chamber to muzzle
4. Once weight is through gently pull this from muzzle end until Clean EZ has passed through
5. Repeat as necesary
6.For heavily soiled guns put a few drops of Rem Oil or Brite Bore on the bronze brush section of the Clean EZ
7. Once finished ALWAYS check your bore to ensure there are no obstructions BEFORE storing your gun away

Clean E Z Rifle Cleaning System 6Mm/.243 Cal