The 6.5 Creedmoor - REVIEW

Do they walk the talk? - Jayden from Hunting and Outdoors decided to test the theory. Having owned a good old .308 for a long time, it would be interesting to see if there is any practical hunting benefit in purchasing one. The team at DPT set up a Tikka T3X Superlight with a 1:8" twist, paired with a Swarovski z5 3.8-18x44BT using one piece Talleys. 

After a quick sight in at 100m. He quickly realised they are very accurate. Shooting three bullets in the same hole, a quick adjustment and cool down, and then three in the same hole once again.

The boys then headed into the bush for a recon mission before the roar. In the early morning the boys saw a mob on a slip, at a range of around 300m. A good test for the 6.5. The long slender projectile hit a touch to far back behind the shoulder, but the hind only moved 5 meters or so into the bush. Very flat shooting, and with virtually no recoil. 

The recovery mission began. Meanwhile another young stag had not gone far and was heard quietly breaking twigs as it moved through the bush. A quick little moan was let out which it replied to straight away, but he continued moving away. It could not resist a hind call and came trotting right back towards the boys. Where it was shot in the neck at about 10 meters, the 6.5 strikes again. Doing the damage at a decent range then right up close in the bush. Two nice meat animals down. 

The next trip the 6.5 was taken on was into Lake Waikaremoana. Securing a nice even little 6 pointer at 15 or so meters in the crown fern. Again very close range, but the Sako 140gr Gameheads do a great job in the bush. *Pictured is a .308 bushpig, another favourite!*

Next up was a trip into the Motu. Which ended up being very rainy & quiet - the boys were about a week late. Nevertheless managed to get a young four pointer angry enough to come right in. A new close range record for the 6.5 of five meters. A Sako 140gr pill in the neck and it dropped on the spot. 

Great performance at all ranges - (especially up close), no recoil, and super flat shooting. Three big ticks for Jayden who is very happy with the setup. The 6.5 definitely walks the talk. 

A .308 is great if all you will do with it is bush hunt. But the 6.5 outperforms the .308 versatility wise. For long range shooting, energy and velocity wise. As the 6.5 maintains its ballistics better. Surpassing the .308 at 400-500m. Making it easier to shoot more predictably, and accurately at longer ranges. Not to mention the complete absence of recoil, improving your shooting even more. 6.5 projectiles are available with great BC's and sectional densities. Therefore a great rifle for tops shooting - as well as in the bush!