TESTED: Stoney Creek Fast-Hunt Clothing

All new from Stoney Creek is the Fast Hunt line of clothing. The team have designed this product with active hunters in mind. Who require durable material to withstand bush bashing, and tough love. The 'Supplex' fabric feels like cotton, but is actually made with advanced fibres and built in Rip-Stop. Attempting to balance, weight, breathability, comfort and durability into one. 

It sounds great - But how did it actually perform? 

On Quentin's most recent escapades, he decided to take a chance on the Fast Hunt gear...

His biggest pro was that it weighs next to nothing to carry around, and kept him surprisingly warm for a thin garment. The pockets are roomy & functional due to the zip size, & durability of the material. The Fast Hunt chest zip is long enough to generate very good ventilation. Making it great at both, insulating and cooling when required, a rare attribute in hunting garments. Where hunters often have to change, add or remove layers.  Although Quentin would not recommend this as an insulating piece of clothing for colder months. It would be fine for more brisker mornings in late summer and early spring! - perhaps paired with a thermal base layer to be safe. 

Also handy was its UV protection, SPF40+. Ensuring you don't get burnt as the day goes on in Spring and Summer. QP also found it was very quick drying, the material is advertised to dry 10x faster, and be 25x more breathable than a conventional cotton shirt. Stoney Creek are true to their word! After a few days wearing and a quick wash, it will be dry not long after being wrung out and hung up.

The only downfall for QP was for guys with larger arms wanting to roll up the sleeves. Hunters do this for a number of reasons, firstly cooling, washing your hands, cooking, and it is the first thing you do when gutting an animal. He found it was difficult to roll up the sleeves as they weren't very roomy. We have been assured the team at Stoney Creek are working on this! However the domed buttons work great and are very tough. 

Overall, Quentin highly rated the Fast hunt gear, priding it on versatility, toughness and its lightweight. It packs down to next to nothing, and the tuatara camo, as usual, also did a great job. Playing its part in securing a number of Whitetail Deer this trip!

QP's Ratings:

  • Insulation: 5/10 (Designed to be worn with a base our outer layer)
  • Toughness and Durability: 10/10!
  • Ventilation: 8/10
  • Zips and pockets: 8.5/10
  • Cuffs: 4/10
  • Versatility in the bush: 10/10!
  • Overall: 8/10!

Stoney Creek Fast Hunt Shirts: