PARD Thermal Imaging Review

"A PARD is everything you need for night hunting!"
The PARD SA45 was tried and tested by one of our staff keen on hunting. Safe to say he was very impressed! 
The Unit and its Features:
Thermal cameras have changed hunting completely. Making it very easy to spot deer & other game animals at night, completely undetected.
This model camera as tested by staff, made deer stick out like a sore thumb from as close as 30m right through to 800m. Although the built in rangefinder is limited to around 600m. This was very handy as you can dial your scope and then turn on the spotlight. All ready for a quick shot. 
The battery life is also a key feature worth mentioning. With almost constant use the PARD SA45 lasted from 10pm to 5am no problem. This was impressive, especially considering the battery will charge fully in two hours, on a car cigarette USB charger. 
The SA45 is mountable and can be used as a scope, or as tested - a monocular with a spotlight when you are ready to shoot and have identified your target beyond all doubt. Obviously only hunting private property as this method of hunting is illegal on public and DOC land. 
The unit has 3.9x optical and 3x digital zoom, with a adjustable focus to ensure your target is always clear with variables of distance and zoom setting. This is great because it doesn't bring you too close - so you glass a lot at once. Then dial in once you see something. Unlike other cameras on the market, which brings you too close and you miss a lot of country. 
This zoom with the contrast set right. Lets you actually see what contours the hills are, trees and grass/shrubs. It is an amazing piece of equipment. The PARD almost makes things to easy!
A Red Stag at 163.6m:
Thermal cameras in general are renown for the effect they have on your eyes. However the brightness on the PARD is very adjustable. It does not completely eliminate the problem, by any means. But compared to other cameras used, this one is much better for the issue.
The camera also shows your shooting angles and a quick press of the flag will give you your range. It will keep you informed of the time, battery life, and your contrast setting for heat signatures. For deer, white hot, was the best with the contrast adjusted down. 
Overall a great product at a reasonable pricepoint! Definitely worth taking a look at PARD if you are in the market for a thermal...