Our Brand H&O - Meet "Gordo Outdoors"

Hunting and Outdoors has been created to respond firstly, to a growing customer base with a passion for the outdoors that extends beyond boating and fishing. Secondly to engage and utilize the 30 years of experience Fish City Hamilton has to offer, capitalizing on this for an improved customer experience and adding contextual value to your bush adventures. 

Gordon is the head of our hunting department in-store and manages the day to day operation, ordering and organizing your new rifle package. He is an avid hunter and fishermen, and his commitment to his job is a testament to how far he will go to ensure you get the right gear for your next trip into the hills. 

Hunting and Outdoors have an extensive range of Hunting, Shooting and Camping gear - but most importantly the knowledge to ensure you are prepared and suitably equipped when out hunting.