GPO Rangeguide Binocular Review 2021

Recently Jayden and co ventured down to the South Island with big plans for the annual Hunting and Snowboarding adventure. They got as far as the Kaikoura Seaward Range before coming out of the snow to a level four lockdown. Nevertheless a few hinds and a Chamois were seen, and plenty of fun was had in the rain and snow. 

It was also a great chance to get their heads around the new products instore, in particular the GPO Rangeguide binoculars. Which for a touch over $3000, really hold their own against some other big names. Holding true to their word and would accurately range out to a maximum of 2990 meters, onto a large hillside in full light. Which was very impressive - further than the 2800 they are rated for. They furtherest the boys ranged an animal was just over 1000m, albeit well out their shooting skills, but it is reassuring being able to range the distance and begin a stalk. 

The clarity in low light and clag is superb. This was a big plus for the GPO's, the glass is clearly of supreme quality and worked great well into the last few minutes of light. The most important time of the day when out in the hills.

The unit also features a scan mode which automatically ranges as you are glassing. The laser scanning three times per second which accurately gives you the exact distance as your glassing, perfect for when you are waiting for a moving animal to stop - or planning routes. It also features an angle calculation for entering into your ballistics app, if shooting sharp uphill/downhill angles. They also feature a temperature calculation. 

Overall a great unit that well surpasses its price, contending with some much more pricey' binos' on the market. They will do everything the long range hunter needs and more, and operate perfectly in less that ideal conditions.

The only drawback is the lack of TBR (True Ballistic Range), and the weight. They are a touch heavy, however you do get the advantage of two units in one. Which is amazingly handy, and in our opinion it is easier to get a more accurate ranging at longer distances. 

A great unit well worth looking into if you are in the market for some new binos' or a rangefinder. Even both!!! Click here to check them out!