Footwear Fundamentals!

"Once you get a decent pair of boots, you wont look back." Says Gordon George, hunting department manager at Hunting and Outdoors. 

Your feet are 'solely' one of the most important parts of your hunting equipment. You will be spending all day on them and comfort should not be overlooked. Optimum comfort & performance is achieved by numerous considerations, adequate insulation, proper fit, sole material, waterproofing, and boot height. 

Insulation, waterproofing, and sole material are largely dependent on the terrain you are looking to tackle. If hunting in alpine country with a heavy load on, a stiff sole, with waterproofing and good insulation is necessary. If you are bush hunting with a lighter load, a softer sole will suffice - and be quieter for stalking. Ankle support should also be considered, which goes hand in hand with boot height. Stalking boots tend to cut off at the ankle. Whereas in extreme weather, with heavy loads on your back, boots that go past your ankle to your calf are ideal. Preventing ankle injuries as they provide a lot more support. With the trade off being between bulkiness and weight vs support required. 

This is where it is important to realise that one boot is never going to fill all the gaps. The same as you need different rifles or fishing rods for different applications! 

The Boots we Recommend:

We recommend Crispi or GriSport boots for all North Island hunting in the various conditions you will be faced with. They are reasonably stiff, well insulated, and waterproof, while remaining quiet for bush stalking. They are reasonably priced for the technology you are benefitted by, and worn by nearly all our staff members.