Duck Shooting Essentials!

With Gamebird Season right around the corner, it is important to gain the upper hand over those clever ducks! This means not compromising on gear and making sure you are well prepared, before opening morning. The team at Hunting and Outdoors have discussed what would never get left behind. Creating a list of must haves! 

1. Game On Full Size Flocked Decoys:

This as the top pick, is all about adding size and realism to your spread. Drawing more ducks in, with increased visibility, and superior realism of flocked decoys! 


2. Cupped Wing Calls 'The Mutt':

A quality duck call, such as the premium level offered by Paul from Cupped Wing Calls, is a need not a want! 


3. Camo Nets:

Very handy to have around the Maimai, for repositioning or if you wish to have a quick shoot at a spot on the way home. You never know when you'll need one, but when you do, you'll be glad you did! 

4. Spinner Winner Motorised Decoy:

Realism and Movement go hand in hand when hunting waterfowl. The Spinner Winner is the perfect way to achieve this without breaking the bank. Imitating a landing duck, giving those timid birds the confidence to commit. 


5. Beretta 686 Over and Under Shotgun:

Beretta quality and reliability is unreplaceable when you need it most. A common staff purchase here at Hunting and Outdoors. Save some ammo - as there is only two shots to work with! While making the day more sporting! 

6. Outdoor Outfitters Ultimate Mallard Family Pack:

Perfect pack to beef out, or top up, your spread or fill a small pond. A variety of different shaped decoys. Including feeders, sleepers, and active drakes and hens. 


7. Game On Braided Call Lanyard: 

Having your callers within reach at all times is a must, at a very low cost you gain a huge benefit. This one is a no brainer. 

8. Winchester SX4 Mossy Oak Camo: 

New from Winchester! And demo models tested by staff, meant this had to be in the top ten. 


9. Game On Neoprene Game Carrier:

Super handy in the field collecting your limit! Especially if there's no Labrador about!

10. Beretta Earmuffs: 

Keeping your ears protected is a big one while shooting Waterfowl. Especially in an enclosed space like a Maimai. Do it for your hearing! Available in Green, Blue or Black.